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How to Find a Vacuum Cleaner that Will More Effectively Clean Your Carpets

Having a professional carpet cleaner clean your carpets once or twice annually can help you extend their longevity. This professional cleaning also makes the everyday chore of carpet maintenance easier, too. You feel better in a clean environment and upkeep is not a constant concern. Still, you need a quality vacuum cleaner you can trust for routine housekeeping, one effectively used once or twice weekly.

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According to the professional carpet cleaners of Progreen Carpet in Durham, North Carolina, you should choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits your home, carpets, and specific needs. It should make your efforts to clean your carpets easier, not a dreaded chore involving heavy lifting. In some homes, it makes sense to have more than one vacuum cleaner, such as one upstairs and one downstairs.

Below, we explore some of the types of vacuum cleaners, so you can choose the one that suits your individual needs best.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner works best for wall-to-wall carpeting and a single level of homes. In other words, you do not want to struggle with carrying a 10- to 20-pound upright up and down stairs on a regular basis. If you have a multi-level home, a heavy upright vacuum may not be right for you.

Upright vacuums typically prove more effective at removing embedded dirt or stains from carpeting and area rugs because the vacuum weighs so much. This weight helps apply focused suction into the carpet pile and deeply clean your carpets.

Another benefit of upright vacuum cleaners is their list of features and attachments. Most come with lengthy cords, hoses, wands and other tools. These tools help you effectively clean upholstery, door frames, trim, crown moldings, ceiling fans and vents. Look for an upright model on which you can adjust the vacuum head’s height and raise or turn off the rotating brush for hard floors or other flat surfaces.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

A canister vacuum cleaner works especially well for homes with stairs, bare floors and only a few rooms with carpets. You can find some canister vacuums with rotating brush power nozzles to clean your carpets and fluff the pile. These can perform as effectively as uprights on deep pile carpeting, extending the use of your cannister vac beyond just bare floors or low pile rugs to every room in your home.

Canisters work very well for stairs. You can more easily carry the heaviest part, the canister itself, with two hands than when trying to lug an upright vacuum up stairs. These models also work better in tight spaces, like closets and under beds.

Stick or Pole Vacuum Cleaners

Stick or pole vacuums are newer to the market than canisters and uprights. These are slimmed-down alternatives to uprights, in particular, but do not deeply clean your carpets. They are best suited for picking up minor messes or use between vacuuming with your standard vac. Stick and pole vacs easily fit into corners or broom closets for quick and convenient use. Some are cordless, providing even greater ease-of-use.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are the latest advancement in the vacuum cleaner industry. These are high-tech floor cleaners that only 30 years ago no one could have believed would soon exist.

Robot vacs map your home to memorize your floorplan and placement of furnishings, appliances and other large objects. They do this using cameras, lasers and WiFi technology. They can clean your carpets while you are away from the house, by voice commands or on a schedule you program into their memory. You can also control your robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world, thanks to smartphone apps.

These vacuum cleaners work great for picking up everyday debris such as food crumbs, loose dirt and pet hair. They even easily clean under your bed and behind furniture. When you schedule your robot for daily cleaning, you can relax your full-sized vacuum use and do the work yourself less often.

Handheld Vaccums

Handheld vacuum cleaners are for quick spot cleaning. These work best for dry spills, lint, pet hair and other lightweight messes on bare floors or hard surfaces. They also work well for car care. Some of these vacuums feature attachments. Others can handle both dry and wet spills.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Make Your Daily Chores Easier

Having professional carpet cleaners clean your carpets once or twice per year can really improve the look, feel and longevity of your floor coverings. They also make your everyday home maintenance seem more worthwhile. Let the pros clear away the environmental dust, pet dander, allergens, and other deeply embedded dirt from your carpets, so you can get better results from your vacuum cleaner. Call Progreen Carpet in Durham, NC at 919-332-3039 for scheduling.

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