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Top Carpet Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Carpet can add warmth, comfort, quiet, and elegance to your home when properly selected and installed. Despite current carpet trends of hardwood flooring and other types of material used on floors today, no one can deny the timeless beauty of well-maintained carpeting. In fact, your home needs some carpet to absorb noise and make your living space more livable. Whether wall-to-wall or in select areas of your home, few textiles provide more usability and comfort. Below, we look at some of the hottest carpet trends for 2021 and well beyond.

As you consider the carpet trends explored below, remember that it is important to keep your carpeting clean. Just like any other flooring surface, these textiles require routine maintenance. Hardwoods need occasional touch-ups and refinishing, while professional carpet cleaning services keep these soft textiles fresh and spotless.

Natural Materials and Fibers

After being locked inside so long during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, one of the hottest new carpet trends for home décor relates to the great outdoors. Home renovators and buyers alike are turning to natural carpet fibers like sisal, jute and wool to bring outside in. Earthy tones are also popular, creating a relaxing environment that feels more like an island vacation. Along with natural fibers in your carpeting, add touches of bamboo, pampas grass and terracotta throughout your living spaces.


Along the same vein as natural and outdoorsy is the eco-friendly carpet trend. Eco-friendliness translates to your flooring through natural fibers like undyed wool. Wool carpeting lasts for generations when properly cared for, such as through routine professional carpet cleaning services. Wool makes you want to walk barefoot because of its super softness under your feet. At the same time, you are watching out for the planet.

Plush Travel Luxury

Plush hotel rooms come to mind for many home decorators following carpet trends in 2021. Luxurious chunky loop and velvet style pile fulfill these travel dreams at home. At the same time, these types of floor coverings stay in line with the above sustainable, natural trends. For your own plush travel luxury at home, consider sheep’s wool with infusion of alpaca fur.

Boldly Bright

Color makes a real statement among carpet trends in 2021 after several years of subdued hues and the proliferation of white seen in most design magazines. Homeowners are using color to make their living spaces more personal and energetic. Consider colorful carpeting, whether in a single color or vibrant pattern. You can make your carpet a statement piece, whether wall-to-wall or in select spaces.


“Minimalist” is a word used in design throughout the past five to 10 years of carpet trends. But for 2021 and beyond, homeowners are turning to carpet for self-expression. Maximalism breaks past rules and lets your creativity take center stage in your home. One method in this trend is use of mismatched colors and patterns that clash. To make the style more livable, experts recommend pairing bright wall paint with carpet patterns.

Patterned Living

Living within patterns does not have to be boring. The latest carpet trends prove this through bold color schemes pulled together creatively. You can choose from geometrics, florals, stripes, animal prints and other patterns to express your personality. Highly popular are tasteful animal prints in neutral colors, such as leopard or snake skin in pastels, naturals, grays, browns or blues.

Geometric Shapes

Duvets, cushions and curtains are not the only place for geometrics in 2021. In fact, geometric shapes are a hit among buyers creating carpet trends. Especially popular are herringbone patterns of all colors, textures and print sizes. Dot patterns are also one of the latest rages among floor textiles. Geometrics are brighter and bolder than ever before for carpeting, almost a throwback to Versace fashions of the 1990s.

Jewel Tones

Throughout 2021, jewel tones will prove quite popular for home carpeting. Deep purples, blues, greens and reds make a powerful statement for wall-to-wall carpet trends or single area use. These colors offer comfort and add spice to troubling times as experienced in 2020 and into 2021. Many designers today add colorful carpets to provide depth, texture and warmth to spaces where hard surface flooring falls flat and feels cold.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Durham, North Carolina

Carpet feels plush and soft underfoot, providing an unmistakably livable surface for the whole family to enjoy. Of course, it is important to keep your carpeting clean whether you choose subdued colors or the boldest patterns available as part of carpet trends in 2021. Through professional carpet cleaning services by Progreen Carpet, you can preserve the luxuriousness and beauty of your floors through the next generation of your family. Call Progreen Carpet today at 919-332-3039 for a free estimate and scheduling of services throughout the Triangle Area.

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