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Should you replace your carpet after water damage?

Replace your carpet – If you have ever experienced a broken pipe or other water damage in your home, you know how quickly this water can soak your carpeting and ruin your belongings. Along with the hassle of a flood comes the work of cleanup. If you do not work quickly, you face dangerous problems like mold growth, insect infestation and other problems. Staining and damaged carpet can happen after an occurrence of water damage.

Should you replace your carpet after water damage?

Your carpets can take a lot of wear and tear without needing replacement. This is especially true when you properly maintain or repair these floor coverings. But a flood or broken pipe can quickly destroy your carpeting, saturating through the pile, backing and padding to the subflooring below. Is carpeting salvageable after flooding? Or should you replace your carpet after water damage?

There are multiple factors that determine whether you need to replace your carpet after a flood or other water damage. We explore these below to help you in your decision-making.

Water Amount

One of the biggest deciding factors in whether you have to replace your carpet after a flood is how much water got onto the floor covering. It can be hard to know whether the carpeting is salvageable at face value. You need to ask for a professional carpet cleaner’s help in making this determination. Of course, the more soaked it is, the harder it is to save it.

How Long It Was Wet

How long has your carpet been wet? This is the second question you need to consider in determining whether you must replace your carpet. The more time water is on your flooring, the more damage it does. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), you need to quickly clean water damage to remediate issues like mold, mildew, bacteria growth and insect infestations. This cleanup must start within 48 hours at the latest. If it has already been wet for more than 48 hours, replace your carpet.

Water Origin

Is the water that soaked or flooded your carpet from a potable water source, such as the water that runs to your kitchen or bathroom faucets? Or is your damage the result of flooding, toilet backup or water that contains sewage? Professionals can often clean up potable water damage to enable you to keep the carpeting. But if contaminated water ran onto your flooring, remove and replace your carpet without second thought.

Age and Condition

When evaluating water damage to your carpeting and whether you must replace your carpet, consider the flooring’s age and condition before the flood. Was it time to replace it, anyway? If your carpeting was old and outdated, there is likely no point in trying to save it. It is better to start fresh with new installation, than to fight the elements and damage inflicted by a water emergency.

Why You Must Act Quickly after Water Damage

You should never wait long after water damage to schedule flooded carpet cleaning in Raleigh, NC. There are many reasons to get your carpeting evaluated and cleaned quickly by the professionals. These reasons include:

Health Hazards
One of the biggest health hazards in any home is mold. Mold and mildew grow on carpeting quickly after water saturation, particularly in areas you cannot see. Water collects under the top carpet layer and saturates the backing and padding at the subfloor. This is where mold can run rampant and create a major health hazard. Risks of mold include respiratory problems, headaches and a broad range of other symptoms.

Increasing Damage
Water damage only worsens over time when not quickly and properly cleaned up. It does not just damage the carpeting, but also reaches the subflooring. There, it can quickly rot through the subfloor.

Consult the Professionals to Find Out If You Must Replace Your Carpeting

You might be amazed to see how well your professional carpet cleaner can mitigate water damage and restore your carpets to like-new condition. Of course, this is not the case in all circumstances. But your Raleigh, North Carolina carpet cleaning company should be your first call after a flood or other water damage. Ask the experts of Progreen Carpet to evaluate your flooring’s condition and whether you need to replace your carpet. In an ideal situation, they can clean up the water for you and alleviate the risks caused by flooding inside your home.

Ask for a free quote and schedule your professional carpet cleaning by Progreen Carpet today. Call us at 919-332-3039.

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