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Keep Carpet Clean: 6 Easy Ways

Your carpeting covers more square footage than almost any other home surface. It is also a huge investment, one you need to maintain for as long as possible. So, how do you keep carpet clean once you have had it professionally maintained? According to the experts at Progreen Carpet, six easy methods below can keep your carpet looking its best longer.

Keep Dirt and Grime Outside

Keep carpet clean for longer by simply keeping the dirt and grime outside. This sounds simple at face value, but how do you achieve this goal? First, place door mats at each entry point to your home. Use both outdoor and indoor mats, with each of these working with the other to reduce the amount of dirt and grime tracked inside.

Remind your family and friends to wipe their feet as they come inside. Most people have no problem with doing so and understand you want to keep your carpet clean.

Take Off Your Shoes

Having a shoe-free policy inside your home is not uncommon. This goes a step further than the doormats and leaves the biggest source of bacteria, dirt, chemicals and other debris from destroying your carpets over time. In fact, when people walk on your carpeting with shoes, the carpet fibers clean the bottoms of their shoes and trap the dirt in the carpet pile. It is a no-brainer that, if you want to keep your carpet clean, the shoes have to stay at the door.

Maintain Your Air Filters

Your air filtration system actually contributes to the dust and debris in your carpets. This means that a great way to keep carpet clean is simply keeping your air filters clean. Clean or change these filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At the same time, doing this enables your HVAC unit to run better. Changing the filters every 60 to 90 days helps your HVAC use less energy.

Vacuum Often

Regular vacuuming is one of the easiest methods to keep carpet clean. In fact, routine vacuuming also reduces the allergens in your home and helps everyone breathe better. At the same time, this simple cleaning extends the life of your carpets and keeps them looking great. If you have pets or a lot of traffic going through your home, you should vacuum several times per week. Always ensure you maintain your vacuum and change its filter or bag frequently to keep its suction at its best.

Quickly Clean Spills and Treat Stains

Never let a spill or stain set into your carpet. To keep carpet clean in appearance and deep down in its fibers, immediately blot stains. Never rub and always use a white cloth or paper towel to avoid color transfer. Talk to your professional carpet cleaning company about their recommended stain removers for your use in between deep cleanings.

If you have a stain that does not come up with your own treatments, call your expert carpet cleaner for help. They can use their equipment, solutions and experience to help restore the better appearance of your carpet. They are your partner, ready to help you keep carpet clean in your home for as long as possible.

Schedule Yearly Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Most people break one or more of the above rules and wonder why it is so hard to keep carpet clean. Another best practice they neglect is having the professionals clean their carpet on a routine basis. It is important to have your carpeting deep cleaned at least once a year to remove bacteria, allergens, dust, dirt and other debris. In fact, this cleaning helps you maintain better health and keeps your whole home smelling fresher.

Professional carpet cleaning reaches deep into the carpet fibers where your vacuum or home steam cleaners cannot. The pros extract all of the grime, dirt, dust, bacteria and other debris you cannot see. They even remove dust mites, pollen, allergens and pet dander. All of this work to keep carpet clean, fresh and looking its best longer only takes about 20 minutes per room.

In the Raleigh area, call Progreen Carpet to schedule your professional carpet cleaning service today. We work hard to help you and your whole family breathing better, as a result. Schedule your service at 919-332-3039.

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