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What Dirty Carpeting Can Do to Your Health

Being healthy today is more important than ever before. Together, our country has faced a pandemic and now we all understand the importance of staying healthy for the long term. But have you considered what dirty carpeting in your home or office can do to your health? Yes, your carpets promote their own health risks, if you do not keep them clean. Below, the experts at Progreen Carpet in Durham, North Carolina provide some insights into the importance of regular carpet cleaning, according to some of the illnesses dirty carpeting cause.

Breathing Problems

Your dirty carpeting play host to a wide range of contaminants that cause breathing problems. These contaminants include mold, dust, dirt, pet hair, pet dander and even your family’s old skin. The carpet fibers trap these breathing problem causers. Even worse, when you walk across the floor or vacuum, you can free this debris and spread it onto the air you breathe.

With such contaminants in the air, you can suffer a variety of respiratory issues, including breathing problems and coughing. If you have asthma, these contaminants make your symptoms worse. You should have commercial or residential carpet cleaning services performed at least once each year to reduce risk of breathing problems.


Allergies can make life miserable. This is particularly true when mold, ragweed, bacteria and dust mites get trapped in your dirty carpet. These make your lungs inflame while also causing eye irritation and a runny nose. Why continue suffering allergies because of your dirty carpeting? Residential and commercial carpet cleaning can improve your quality of life with these services performed once or twice each year.

Skin Rashes and Irritation

Did you know that your dirty carpeting can trigger your skin rashes, itching, athlete’s foot or eczema? It is true. According to Prevention Magazine, it is critical for healthy skin that you have professional carpet cleaning performed on a regular basis.

Immune System Problems

Many people with weak immune systems struggled to survive our recent pandemic. In fact, many passed away from coronavirus. This type of risk makes maintaining a healthy home or work environment even more critical, if you have immune system problems. In fact, dirty carpeting can weaken your immunity even if you do not have an autoimmune disorder. Give your immune system a healthy boost by maintaining clean carpets through routine professional carpet cleaning.

Stomach Ailments

Your stomach ailments can come from dirty carpeting. Although it seems to make no sense on the surface, this is a fact. Mold in your dirty carpeting expose you to mycotoxins responsible for severe abdominal irritation and infections. You generally do not see the mold in your carpets because it hides there with other toxins like salmonella. A professional carpet cleaning service can help you enjoy a healthier gut.

Mental Health Problems

Dirty carpeting have a connection to mental health problems. If your carpets have toxins affecting your immunity and well-being, it is easy to also develop depression or other mental health issues. Even the stress of a dirty living environment can produce physical symptoms, putting you into a cycle of poor health and despair, according to the American Psychological Association. Provide yourself with the benefits of a healthier living space and less stress through routine carpet cleaning.

Keeping Your Carpeting Clean for Better Health

As explored above, you can reduce the health risks of dirty carpeting through routine professional carpet cleaning. The precise definition of “routine” for your home or office depends on your carpet’s traffic and other factors. By talking to a carpet cleaning professional, you can find out whether you should engage in yearly, twice yearly or more frequent carpet cleaning for your best health.

Free yourself from the toxins and pollutants your carpets and rugs hold onto by contacting Durham’s most trusted carpet cleaning professionals at Progreen Carpet. Call us today at 919-332-3039 for a free quote and scheduling.

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