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Carpet Cleaning to Clean Away the Extra Wear of 2020

Carpet Cleaning in 2020. Here we are at the end of 2020. It has been quite a year. Early 2021 may be no different in terms of time spent at home, if many predictions come true. Another truth, if we look closely at the aftermath of this odd year, is that your home carpeting is now wearing the effects of so much time spent isolated indoors. No doubt, you need carpet cleaning.

You and your home deserve a fresh start for the coming year. There is no time like the fall for autumn for getting this work done. Carpet cleaning benefits you in so many ways and there is no reason to wait until spring for it. That is especially true because of how much more time we are about to spend inside.

Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Now More than Ever

Carpet cleaning should be high on your list for chores this fall. Why? Well, because health is more important to each of us now, than ever before. In fact, you should schedule this professionally performed cleaning service twice each year. That makes fall and spring the perfect times to set this service up on your calendar.

Think about how much time your family and pets have been indoors this year as compared to years past. In 2020, few people were really going to school or the office as they did before. We spent more time at home throughout each day. While we all got bored out of our minds and felt isolated, just imagine how your carpets and area rugs are wearing the past year! If your carpeting could talk, it would not have nice things to say.

Carpets and area rugs contain a build-up of allergens, pet dander, bacteria, dirt and even human skin and hair debris. When we spend most of our time away from home, we can breathe well enough for a longer period of time in our household. But our homes after the pandemic are literally wearing the ill effects of the past year. Those effects are what you breathe on a daily basis in your home.

With so many foreign materials in your carpets and air, you risk a higher likelihood of health problems. This is why everyone at Progreen Carpet in Durham, North Carolina believes now is the best time to schedule your carpet cleaning. Your family can get out and away from the house for more time right now than many experts expect during winter and spring 2021.

Carpet Cleaning Clears Out the Contaminants of 2020

All of us feel icky after the past year. We lost a lot of time doing the things we love. We have even lost touch with friends and family we typically enjoyed having close to us. But we did not lose touch with our home carpeting. That is for certain. As a result, your floor coverings are filthy.

Professional carpet cleaning can quickly and easily give you a fresh start for 2021. We all hope for a better year ahead. But if we must continue staying indoors, at least you will be prepared for that at-home lifestyle. Carpet cleaning removes 98 percent of your rug’s allergens. This quick and affordable service also clears about 89 percent of airborne bacteria out of the air you breathe every day.

Progreen Carpet’s professional carpet cleaning technicians can help you clear out 2020 from your home for a happier and healthier 2021. At the same time, we restore your carpet and area rug vibrancy. This service makes your whole home environment a healthier place to live.

More Reasons for Carpet Cleaning in Durham, NC than Ever Before

The past year has given everyone in Durham, NC more reasons for carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning than ever before. Below are some reasons for getting this work done now in the fall, instead of waiting until spring:

Fall weather is ideal for faster carpet drying.
After carpet cleaning, you have to let your floors dry. Autumn weather is perfect for this, as you can let the sun shine in through your windows while also letting fresh outdoor breezes circulate through your entire home. You do not risk your carpets molding or mildewing with this fresh air circulating.

Carpet cleaning improves your home’s indoor air quality for the winter.
Winter time is a time spent mostly indoors, particularly when compared to other seasons of the year. This means that this winter we all will be around our carpets even more than in the past months. Carpet cleaning removes up to 98 percent of the allergens and 89 percent of airborne bacteria from your home.

Even more foot traffic and stains to come.
Your carpeting took some hits over the past months. You probably had more consistent daily foot traffic than these surfaces have ever experienced during the lifetime of your home. At the same time, you probably had more spills occur, too. Not only can the experts of Progreen Carpet clean the past from your carpeting and area rugs, we can prepare these surfaces for the seasons ahead. We can apply carpet protectant as part of our carpet cleaning service.

You may have guests in the coming months.
Many people are having a handful of guests over the coming holidays. While the crowds will be smaller as you celebrate the season, you definitely want your home to look no worse for its pandemic wear. In fact, professional carpet cleaning freshens your whole home to welcome one, two or a few more friends and family members for socially distant holidays.

Contact ProGreen Carpet Cleaning in 2020 to make sure 2021 smells fresh and clean!

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