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Squeaky Floor Repair

Have A Squeaky Floor?….Need a Squeaky Floor Repair?….

ProGreen Carpet can help! In most cases, squeaky floor repair is possible. Who knew?! Many of us have been hindered by annoying squeaks and creaks in our flooring for several years. Many of us never knew relief from this nuisance is only a phone call away. ProGreen Carpet does an amazing job cleaning, stretching, repairing, and even protecting your carpets. Why not have them also take care of your much needed squeaky floor repair as well?

A squeaky floor can be a real annoyance. No one wants to hear a squeaking floor all of the time. The key to properly repairing a squeaking floor is to identify the cause.

Temperature Changes

Many people notice that their floor squeaks more in the winter time. This is due to the cold air and decreased humidity. The recommended humidity level of the home is between 40 and 60 percent. It can be difficult to maintain this during the winter time because the air is naturally drier. However, you may have an easier time keeping the air moist by installing a humidifier in your home. The temperature changes can cause the floor to shrink in size. The planks can rub against each other as the result of this.

This problem can also occur during the summer months. Your floor can expand in the summer time. The expansion can cause the floor to become loose.

Subfloor Issues

The subfloor is often the culprit behind a squeaky floor. Installers have to be careful when they are attaching the floor to the subfloor. If there is too much space left between the joists and subfloor planks, then the floor will squeak. Additionally, squeaking can occur if the joists and planks are not well-secured.

Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship is another thing that can cause the floors to squeak. For example, if the floor is not installed properly, then the planks can rub against each other. The planks may also rub against the nails.

Foundation Movement

The floor is more likely to squeak in an older home. Your home’s foundation may shift over time. If your home shifts, then this can cause your flooring or subflooring to move. It can also cause pieces of flooring to rub together. Additionally, your floor may start to squeak if nails have become loose.

Water Damage

If your floor has suffered water damage, then it is likely that it will start to squeak at some point. Water can not only cause your floor to squeak, but it can also damage your floor. Additionally, water can cause mold and mildew to develop.

Duct Work

If your home has ductwork in the floor joints, then they can cause your floor to squeak. You may notice that your floor squeaks or rattles every time that the air conditioner turns on.

Squeaky Floor Repair

Reasons to Hire a Professional if Your Floor is Squeaking

Have you attempted to repair your own squeaky floor and wasted hours to no avail. Or maybe you haven’t tried to DIY your squeaky floor repair, hoping it might just go away.

Have you identified the problem causing your floor to squeak? Is it located underneath your carpet?

Do you have the materials and tools that you need to repair the floor yourself? Many people try to save money by repairing their own floors. However, purchasing the materials and tools you need to repair your squeaky floor can be quite expensive. Professionals already have the tools and materials needed as they deal with these squeaky creaky floors all the time.

You may not be able to find the exact materials that you need in the store and might end up special ordering them online. You will have to pay additional money for the shipping and handling. A seemingly simple DIY job turns into a costly and time consuming project.  Additionally, if you make a mistake, then you will still require the help of a professional.

Many people like the challenge of do-it-yourself projects because it gives them the opportunity to learn a new skill. However, some people end up making the problem worse. You could also hurt yourself if the job is not done the right way.

You will have to pay a professional.  However, the expense is well worth it. Can you even imagine how great it will be? To be able to walk around your once noisy flooring without hearing a sound?

Whatever the case, it is a good idea for you to hire a professional for your squeaky floor repair. A professional will be able to pinpoint what is causing your floor to squeak, as well as repair the cause accordingly.

The professionals at Progreen Carpet have seen all sorts of squeaky floor causes and repaired them quickly and efficiently.

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