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Floor Squeak Repair: The Causes and How to Fix Them

Squeaking Floors

There is far more to a healthy and beautiful floor than what you see on the surface. Floor squeaking is one of those hidden attributes that can greatly diminish the beauty of a floor. Also, it may be indicative of the start of structural issues.

The good news is that fixing loud floors is a relatively straightforward process. Especially when you utilize the services of a professional company like ProGreen Carpet, let’s explore how squeaking floors can be silenced once and for all.

Will Carpet Installers Fix Squeaky Floors

When it comes to home renovations, a common question is, Will carpet installers fix squeaky floors? Generally, carpet installers are not responsible for repairing squeaky floors. Their primary focus is on the carpet installation process itself, which includes preparing the surface, laying the underpad, and fitting the carpet. 

Squeaky floors usually result from issues with the subfloor or joists, which require different expertise. To address squeaky floors, homeowners should consider hiring a flooring specialist or a general contractor who can assess and fix the underlying problems before a new carpet is installed.

Understanding the Problem

Most floors have a wooden subfloor that lays beneath carpeting, tile, and any other materials. This is what makes up your floor. This subfloor adds stability and gives your floor some protection from the elements and other dangers.

The problem is that this wood tends to shrink, expand, and warp as moisture enters and leaves it. While this process tends to be relatively slow, squeaking floors may develop within 5 to 10 years of a new floor being installed.

If your floor is cleaned improperly, you may notice squeaking that develops significantly faster. Moisture can seep through the top layer of your floor, and it can warp the wood below it. This is why we are incredibly careful about how we clean floors.

Once the wood has warped, it will begin to rub on the wooden supports below it. This is where the squeaking and creaking enter.

Fixing the Problem

The fix for a squeaking floor is to adhere to the loose sections of the floorboard to the wooden supports below. This process can be as simple as screwing the wood to the wooden beams, or it may be significantly more intricate due to the amount of damage or area where the warping occurred.

Carpeted floors, for example, can generally have screws inserted near problematic areas to diminish the squeaking. Tile and laminate floors will require the flooring to be removed in certain areas, but the process is similar.

Stairs, areas where the subfloor is severely compromised, or areas where there has been structural damage will be substantially more complex to treat. These areas may require wooden shims and screws, replacement of the subfloor, and repair of the structural support beams.

Stop Floors from Squeaking Today

Squeaking floors is an incredibly common occurrence. Most new floors will inevitably squeak, which in turn means that the process of repairing squeaking floors is a fairly common one. If your home or office is suffering from this it’s best to hire a trained professional so as not to cause more damage.

Don’t let your creaking floors ruin the value of your home or office. Contact us today to see how we can stop your floors from squeaking, and allow them to be as beautiful as they should be.

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