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Five Reasons to Hire Professional Pressure Washing Services

Nothing ages your home more than dirt. In fact, it adds years to the appearance of your carpets, rugs, hard flooring, upholstery, window treatments, driveway, and exterior walls. But this dirt builds up over time, creeping into textures, cracks, and crevices without much notice, until one day you realize your home looks dingy. Progreen Carpet’s Professional Pressure washing and carpet cleaning services remove this dirt and make everything dingy look new again.

Pressure Washing Cleans and Refreshes Most Man-Made Outdoor Surfaces

Like carpet cleaning on the inside, professional pressure washing is an excellent way to refresh the outside your home. When performed by professionals, this process provides a sparklingly clean look while removing built-up grime on virtually all of your property’s man-made outdoor surfaces.

Many people consider trying to do residential pressure washing on their own. But there are many reasons to have professionals perform this service. It is not as easy as it looks, so better to have this information before trying a DIY approach. Consider the five reasons below for hiring professional pressure washing service instead of doing it yourself.

Professional Pressure Washing Saves You Money

Many people make the mistake of thinking that DIY options will save them money over professional pressure washing. But this is wrong. Doing it yourself means renting the right equipment, investing in a high-grade construction ladder and acquiring the right safety gear. Without all of this equipment and more things needed to get the job done, you cannot achieve good results.

DIY washing also requires you to pay water costs. You need to invest your time, a commodity that is worth money to you and your family. You spend this time gathering all of the necessary materials, setting up the equipment, doing the cleaning and then returning rented tools.

With all of the above costs associated with DIY efforts, you can see how simply making a phone call and letting the experts do the work pays off. Through the highest quality of professional service, you only pay a flat fee. This fee includes all of the equipment, manpower, safety, insurance coverage, expertise and cleanup needed to do the best possible job.

Your Safety Is of the Utmost Concern

Pressure washers pack tons of power. This power makes doing the job harder than you think. In fact, someone not accustomed to using the equipment can easily suffer injury or cause the injury of others.

Just imagine trying to balance all of the equipment and pressure force while on a ladder. This creates the perfect environment for major injuries from a fall. Even just slipping on wet surfaces after washing them can happen at any point during the process. This is why it is so much safer to let the trained professional pressure washing company do the job for you. They have the right training, gear, safety equipment, and preparation to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Untrained Pressure Washing Damages Property

Most homeowners who try pressure washing for the first time inflict damage somewhere on their property. They do not know of the true force of the pressurized system, also underestimating how much of that pressure different surfaces can handle.

Without experience, you risk tearing, cutting and breaking a wide range of materials like siding, fencing and decking. You can even cause brick and other hard surfaces to crumble from your home or property. Many inexperienced users break glass windows, strip paint, tear window screens, knock down gutters, tear away shingles or damage shutters. Without experience, you risk causing irreperable, if not just costly damage. It is also easy to inflict vulnerability you do not notice until the next major storm blows through and tears parts of your home away with it.

Environmental Impact Is a Big Problem

Using a pressure washer without proper training is wasteful of water and bad for the environment. Not following proper procedures and guidelines results in toxins and pollutants washed into water sources. Only trained professionals know how to approach each job properly to ensure no environmental impact.

Professionals know how to capture run-off. They also use environment-safe cleaning products. These trained experts work according to stringent EPA regulations, too. Through their efforts, the washing process conserves water and keeps your home environment safe.

Experts Finish the Job Faster and with the Best Results

Before working for clients, Progreen Carpet, our professional pressure washing team are fully trained and supervised. They learn how to do the job right and with the greatest possible efficiency.

If you are selling your home or just want to clean and refresh its outdoor surfaces for better curb appeal, Progreen Carpet provides professional pressure washing services in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle Area. As a homeowner, pressure washing proves highly gratifying in returning your biggest investment to a newer condition in only minutes. Take a look at some of our before and after professional pressure washing and concrete cleaning images then call us at 919-332-3039 to schedule your services today.

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