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Deck Washing and Patio Cleaning Begin Winterizing Your Outdoor Spaces

Whether we want it to or not, summer is ending. As the season changes and weather cools, there are things you can do to prepare your outdoor spaces for next summer. Those preparations include winterizing your deck and patio, such as through professional deck washing and patio cleaning. Below, we look at more ways to winterize your deck and patio.

The three main steps for winterizing your deck include:

  • Professional deck washing
  • Stripping the finish
  • Applying water-repellent sealant

The first thing you must do to winterize is cleaning the deck. Of course, this starts with removing all of your outdoor furnishings, the grill and other items you have on the deck. Through professional deck washing, you can rely on the pros to remove dirt, mold, mildew and surface stains.

Professional deck washing is a type of pressure washing, but without any hassle or inconvenience on your part. You can trust the pros to remove the signs of summer and even past seasons of neglect. They achieve this without scratching, scarring or splintering the surfaces. The experts also know what type of cleaners to use to lift dirt and stains without risk of over-bleaching wood, a problem that leads to yellowing.

About 24 hours after your professional deck washing, you can remove faded or deteriorating areas of stain or paint. By stripping and restoring the wood before adding sealant, you start next spring and summer on a beautiful course.

Applying water-repellent sealant is critical for protecting your deck from the next year of rain, ice, sleet and snow. These harsh elements of winter and beyond can cost you a lot of money by destroying your deck. They cause cracking and warping. The good news of sealing your deck is that a high-quality sealant lasts up to three years, protecting the wood season after season.

Patio Cleaning and Other Ways to Winterize Your Concrete Spaces

Many homeowners do not realize the importance of protecting outdoor concrete from winter weather. In fact, patios, sidewalks, driveways and other concrete spaces suffer from rain, snow, ice and freezing temperatures. As for your deck and other wood surfaces, you must seal concrete to prevent damage. For concrete, brick and some other stone surfaces, this damage includes cracks or surface flaking. Such damage goes beyond cosmetic flaws, possibly even disrupting the walking surface and creating risk for personal injury.

To winterize your concrete patio, you need to go through several steps. These include:

  • Professional patio cleaning
  • Patching and repairing existing damage
  • Sealing concrete surfaces

Start your patio cleaning and winterizing with the help of experienced professionals. Through expert patio cleaning, you avoid adding damage to the list of areas to patch and repair. The expert deck washing and patio cleaning companies know how to safely and effectively remove surface dirt, debris, muck and stains. They can also work well beyond your patio, cleaning other concrete, brick and stone surfaces for the same like-new results.

After patio cleaning and deck washing, you need to patch and repair vulnerable areas….

Fill cracks with flexible sealant. A quality flexible polyurethane concrete crack sealant bonds with the surface and camouflages the damage for a renewed appearance. The sealant itself bonds with the concrete and does not pull away from the crack, despite weather challenges like freezing moisture and changing temperatures.

For patchy areas with flaking use a concrete resurfacer. Before applying this resurfacer, you must ensure all you remove all surface dirt, grime and grease. If you work with a patio cleaning pro, they do this work for you without causing more damage. On the clean concrete surface, use a long-handled squeegee to apply the solution. It bonds on the surface.

Sealing your patio, driveway, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces protect them from moisture and temperatures that change their integrity. Use a quality acrylic sealer. This improves the appearance of your slabs with a satin finish. This finish protects the concrete from winter’s elements, as well as from the salts or chemicals you use for de-icing.

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Cleaned, Repaired and Protected Outdoor Surfaces

Winterizing all of your outdoor areas starts with professional cleaning, such as power washing, deck washing and patio cleaning. If you go through the simple steps of this pressure washing, repairing and sealing for these surfaces, your whole property looks newer and well-maintained for many years to come. This enhances curb appeal, too. By doing this every summer’s end, you set up your outdoor spaces for relaxation and enjoyment of the best weather to come.

Learn more about deck washing and patio cleaning by talking to Durham’s professionals at ProGreen Carpet Cleaning. We provide expert power washing and carpet cleaning services throughout the Triangle Area. Check out some of our outdoor surface washing before and after photos. Then, call us at 919-332-3039 to help you winterize your outdoor spaces today.

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