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Stain Removal Tips For Your Carpets

Here we have compiled some of the most common stain removal tips to help any homeowner. Carpet is one thing that many homes just cannot live without. Even if you take your shoes off at the door, and insist on food and drinks remaining in the kitchen, it is inevitable that you will deal with stains. If you think your carpet is a lost cause, there is good news. Some of the most difficult stains will remove with ease if you have the right items. Here are some of the toughest carpet stains and how you can remove them with ease.

Stain Removal Tip #1: Candle Wax

It seems that tart burners and candles are more popular today than ever before. One of the biggest problems with these little burners is the fact that they are easily spilled. Have you ever tried to remove candle wax from your carpets? If you have tried the ice method, then you will know that it does not work. However, rest assured that there is a way to remove the wax. The best way is to heat the wax up until it melts, and this can be accomplished by using an iron. Lay paper towels or a paper bag over the wax. Rub the iron back and forth over the spot. You will see the wax begin to absorb into the material. Once it is all transferred into the bag or towels, the carpet will be like new.

Stain Removal Tip #2: Rust

Many people think rust is a death sentence to your carpet. However, rust can be removed without much effort. First, rust will usually come up with a scrub brush and some dish detergent. If that does not remove the stubborn stain, next try salt and pure lemon juice. Rust is not as big of a deal as it may appear.

Stain Removal Tip #3: Red Juice or Wine

If the stain is fresh, try to remove as much of the liquid with paper towels. Any extra liquid left behind can be cleaned with dish liquid or lemon juice. However, if the stain has sat in the carpet for a while, it is best to use a different method. Get a spray bottle and fill it with half ammonia and half water. Spray the stain and allow it to penetrate for about 10 minutes. Place a white towel down on top of the stain. On top of the white towel, place a steam iron. Let the iron sit on top of the carpet and steam. Be sure not to leave too long in one spot or it will burn the carpet. The stain will be absorbed into the towel.

Stain Removal Tip #4: Pet Urine

For pet urine, sing a spray bottle, fill it with a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Soak the affected area until it is dripping wet. Allow the mixture to sit for about 10 minutes. Once it has penetrated, use a towel to remove the excess moisture from the carpet. Lastly, cover the area with an even coat of baking soda. Allow this dry ingredient to mix with the wet for about another 10 minutes.
In another spray bottle, mix hydrogen peroxide and dish soap together. Saturate the baking soda mixture with the second solution. The peroxide and baking soda will form a chemical reaction and start to bubble up. Once it has sat for about five minutes, use a firm bristled brush and scrub the carpet. Allow all of it to blend for about fifteen minutes. Once the carpet is penetrated, lay a towel on it. Next, step on the towel to remove excess liquid. Wait for the area to dry and vacuum to remove any left behind banking soda. Stains and smells should be gone.

Stain Removal Tip #5: Vomit

Vomit can be a difficult stain to deal with. Due to the purging of acids in the stomach, it can really stain a carpet. If you catch it when it is wet, try pouring cornstarch over the area. It will absorb all the liquid and should easily remove. If the stain has sat for a while, white vinegar will work best. Always use a blotting motion and never scrub and grind down into the carpet. If white vinegar alone will not budge the stain, try pouring baking soda and vinegar together. The bubbling action will eat away at the stain and remove it quickly.

Stain Removal Tip #6: Blood

Blood can be a belligerent stain to deal with. Even if the blood is fresh, it often spreads and becomes a nightmare. One of the easiest ways to get rid of the blood is by using a bottle of window cleaner. Of course, one of the window cleaner’s main ingredients is ammonia, and it will work too. Spray the stain and rub it down into the fibers of the carpet. Then, reapply more window cleaner into the stain until it is saturated. Allow it to sit for about five minutes. Once it has sat, take the rag and scrub. The blood should easily come up without much effort.

Stain Removal Tip #7: When Home Made Remedies Will Not Work

these Stain Removal Tips help any Having carpets is a great way to keep your house warm and to feel great beneath your feet. However, when stains appear, it takes plenty of work to get them out. For everyday stains, you should be able to handle yourself. However, when you have a stubborn stain that needs professional intervention, give us a call. We hope this article, “Stain Removal Tips” will help you with future spills and stains. 

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