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Clean Carpeting: Green Cleaning Tricks for Maintaining Your Carpet

Clean Carpeting – You want to keep your house clean. Maintaining clean carpeting can be a challenge – children, adults, and pets may track in debris from the outdoors, and food or beverage spills inevitably happen. At the same time, you desire to keep your family, pets, and the environment safe from the effects of harsh chemical cleaning solutions. Can beautiful, stain-free carpets be achieved without potentially harmful chemicals? Doing so is simple and cost-effective when equipped with the following green cleaning tips.

Preventative Measures

Consider implementing one or more of these preventative maintenance techniques in your hope to curtail messes before they happen.

Roll Out The Welcome Mat for Clean Carpeting

An outdoor mat on which guests can wipe their feet before entering the home can capture much dirt and outdoor debris that commonly clings to shoes. Additionally, the first fifteen feet of interior space, as measured from the doorway, are the most likely to become soiled. Cover this area of carpeting with washable rugs to keep entryway carpets clean and fresh.

Build A Shoe Station for Clean Carpeting

In many parts of the world, it is traditional to remove shoes and don slippers or socks when entering the home. You can implement this carpet-saving habit in your home by placing a small shelf or shoe rack near the door.

Protect Areas Where Messes Are Likely to Happen

Every home is different, but there is one thing all have in common – certain areas are more prone to spills than are others. Where are the danger zones in your home? Perhaps they are around the coffee table, the children’s play area, or elsewhere. Identify spill-prone areas and cover these with rugs or plastic carpet covers.

Home Grown Green Cleaning

You probably already have the ingredients necessary to safely and naturally clean stains from your carpets – or you can wait for mother nature to provide them. Try the following tips and see how effective green, eco-friendly cleaning methods can be.

Treat Carpet Stains With Baking Soda and Vinegar for Clean Carpeting

Sprinkle baking soda on the stain. Spritz with white vinegar, and allow to bubble for 15 minutes. Vacuum with a shop vac or rub with a damp cloth.

Clean Wool Carpets With Snow

If you have a soiled wool carpet or rug, you can let the weather do the work for you – assuming there is a snowfall and the temperature is below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the carpet outside for at least 30 minutes. Cover it with several inches of snow, and, using clean shoes, walk on the carpet, thoroughly infusing the fibers with snow. Brush snow from the carpet. The combination of natural oils and freezing temperatures cause a release of most stains.

Purchase green cleaning solutions

If you desire green options along with convenience, purchase an eco-friendly cleaning solution in a handy spray bottle. Such cleaners are available in the organic section of many grocery stores.

Carpet Runners on Stairs for Clean Carpeting

Stairs are naturally high traffic areas of the home, and lugging a vacuum up and down this household fixture can be a pain – quite literally. Eventually, you may find that the carpet runner gracing your stairs has become dirty or worn. If the aforementioned cleaning methods just don’t cut it, try the following suggestion.

Move The Stair Carpet Runner By Half a Step for Clean Carpeting

Gently lift the carpet covering the stairs. Move the carpet either up or down the stairs by half a step, and securely reattach. The result? The worn areas of the carpet now occupy the vertical space of the stairs, while the like-new carpet that had graced the vertical has become the walking surface. The worn areas will be less noticeable in their new position, and you have effectively doubled the life of your staircase carpeting.

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