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Your Carpet’s Biggest Enemies

Your Carpet’s Biggest Enemies

Wall-to-wall carpeting became available to American homeowners in the 1930s. Since that time, it has become the country’s most popular type of household flooring. Currently, carpet accounts for half of all flooring sales. But your carpet is an investment, one you need to take care of for it to continue looking its best. Taking care of it means avoiding the effects of carpeting’s four top enemies.

In only months after it is first installed, your carpet appears dirty from normal use and accidental carpet stains. This is why it is so important to schedule routine carpet cleaning by Progreen Carpet of Durham. Call us today at 919-332-3039 to set your next appointment and keep your floors looking their best. In fact, routine carpet cleaning can help you avoid the damage of your carpet’s top four enemies, below.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic, particularly in areas of high traffic, wears out carpeting. You will notice the effects of foot traffic on carpet in your home’s hallways, near doors and around furniture, such as your living room sofa. In fact, if you move your furniture to new locations within each room, you may find yourself shocked by the newer appearance of your carpet where the furnishings used to cover it.

Foot traffic on carpet leaves a trail of dirt and other debris. Even when you walk on your floors without shoes, your weight crushes carpet fibers and embeds this dirt and debris more deeply into the textile.

Vacuuming high traffic areas can help prevent the worst effects of foot traffic on carpet. Not wearing shoes inside your home also helps. For more even wear on your carpet and to minimize those telltale foot traffic trails, rearrange your furniture from time-to-time. Of course, regular professional carpet cleaning can help you enjoy your new-looking carpets for longer.


Your pet’s dirty little paws are a nightmare for your carpet. Even worse is the occasional potty accident. Urine is difficult to remove from carpet without the help of your professional carpet cleaner. Another common pet problem for your carpet is loose fur your dog or cat sheds. This fur embeds into the pile, making your flooring appear soiled.

Cats unfortunately need to regularly sharpen their nails. When these animals live in a home with carpeting, they typically love how the carpet backing feels on their nails. This unfortunately heavily damages your carpet, snagging fibers and leaving areas bare, torn, lifted or otherwise damaged.

Your vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to fight shedding and loose dirt brought in by your pet. It is also very important to deter your pet from urinating inside. Always clean up urine spots immediately and properly treat these areas using fluids recommended by your carpet cleaning professionals. Try to focus your cat’s attention away from carpeting for nail sharpening by providing one or more scratching posts inside your home.

Carpet Stains

Food and beverage spills are certainly a problem for your carpets. So are pet accidents and other types of stains. Unless you quickly treat these spots, carpet stains quickly set in and cause a permanent eyesore. They can discolor carpet fibers, create bad smells and make the stained area’s texture stiffer than the rest of your flooring.

There are many options for stain treatment and quick cleaning on the retail market. But it is best to take the advice of your professional carpet cleaner for which treatments to use on your specific type of carpet. As soon as you can after stains occur, have your carpet professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning by the pros can even help remove older stains and those difficult to remove on your own. Professional carpet cleaning also leaves your home smelling fresher and cleaner, even where the spills occurred.

Heavy Objects

Heavy furniture and other weighty objects can damage your carpet when improperly moved. You should never drag furniture, home gym equipment or other heavy items across your floors. Instead, you should lift these items to transfer them from one spot to another. Dragging can snag, tear, loosen or stretch your carpet.

Fight the Enemies of Your Carpet to Keep It Looking Its Best

Your carpet can look new for a very long time, provided you take good care of it and avoid damage caused by the forces listed above. On top of vacuuming and other daily care, the best way to fight all of these carpeting enemies is to regularly have your carpet cleaned by the professionals at Progreen Carpet in Durham. Schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment now by calling Progreen Carpet at 919-332-3039.

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