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Why Does My Carpet Smell?

If you notice a bad odor when you walk through your clean house, the problem could be your carpeting. Many homeowners first experience this smell upon coming in from outside, when that wave of pet odors, spills and other scents first hits them in the face. However you first realize that your carpet smells, it is time to do something about it.

The Progreen Carpet Cleaning professionals of Durham, NC are here to help. We have some advice for treating your carpet odors on your own. If these options do not make your home smell better, you only have to call us for the solution.

What makes my carpet smell?

There are multiple potential causes for a bad carpet smell. One of these may be at the root of your home’s odor problem.

Moisture and Mold

If your carpet smell is musty, damp air or other moisture may have affected your flooring. This dampness comes from the rainy season, flooding, indoor plants and spills. Whatever the source of moisture, fluids can wet the carpet fibers and go even deeper into the padding and subflooring underneath. If you neglect to dry these spots fully, the dampness can foster the growth of even smellier mold or mildew.

Even worse than the telltale carpet smells of moisture are the health problems it promotes. Dampness can cause allergies, breathing problems, chronic cough, headaches and other conditions.

Unfortunately, mold grows very quickly on wet carpet. It usually only takes about one day for this growth to begin. Then, you will notice your carpet smell getting worse. Soon, you will also see discoloration, such as from green, black or white spots.

Act quickly to have moisture and early mold growth removed from your carpeting. Call Progreen Carpet Cleaning for this service in the Triangle Area. After the professionals do their part, you will notice a big improvement in your carpet smell.

Pet Accidents and Spills

The most common types of stains on carpets are pet accidents and spilled food or beverages. But these organic materials do more than just stain your carpeting. Even after they are cleaned up using DIY methods, they make your carpet smell. When bacteria grow where the stain occurred, these invaders also release gases that add to the odor.

To treat pet stains and other spills immediately and prevent bacteria growth, use an enzymatic odor remover. These carpet spot-cleaning solutions break down the enzymes in the stain. In turn, the spill does not attract gassy bacteria or make your carpet smell. Of course, eventually, you need to call upon the pros at Progreen Carpet Cleaning. We will professionally clean your carpets and neutralize all of your stains to leave your carpet smelling fresh.


Whether smoke attaches to your carpet fibers from cigarettes or fire, this substance creates a bad carpet smell. Smoke also penetrates into carpet padding, creating a lingering odor problem. This is an issue difficult to treat on your own using DIY methods or rented equipment. Instead, get to the root of the problem by calling your friendly professionals at Progreen Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet Age

Aging carpeting also frequently smells bad. These carpet smells come from the breakdown of fibers and padding, leaving odd scents wafting through the air. If you have had the same carpeting for five, 10 or 15 years, it is likely time to replace it. Some types of carpet endure longer than others. But eventually, all styles and brands meet their end.

Progreen Carpet Cleaning can repair, stretch and clean carpeting that still has some life left as your floor covering. But if your carpets have large tears, faded areas, matting or wrinkles it may mean it is time for replacement. This is especially true when the carpet smells even after professional cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Makes Your Carpet Smell Fresh Again

To get to the bottom of your carpet smell problem, call the professionals at Progreen Carpet Cleaning today. Schedule your carpet cleaning, repair or stretching at 919-332-3039.

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