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Carpet Lifespan: Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Expand the Life of Your Carpet

Carpets only look good if they are new or if they are maintained well. After a certain number of years of usage, they need to be replaced. You don’t need to replace your carpets very often. Here are some tips to extend the life of your carpet and get more years out of it.

Keep the Dirt Out

Having a clean carpet is important. A dirty carpet can have thousands of dust mites living in the carpet dust, and pounds of soil can accumulate underneath it every year. Carpets can contain several indoor contaminations and promote the growth of mold in damp areas which often cause allergies in children. Because it can be a health hazard, it is important to keep the carpets always clean.

Dirt causes a lot of damage to the carpet, it grates against the yarn, making scratches in the fibers and taking away the luster. Dirt trapped into the carpet eventually go down to the carpet backing and scrapes away the fibers, wearing them out. High-traffic areas will look dull and faded compared to the rest of the carpet.

As a good measure, take your shoes off when entering your home, to leave the dirt outside. When you remove your shoes, the carpets don’t get dirty very quickly so you can vacuum less often, thereby also extending the life of your carpets.

If taking the shoes off is hard to implement in your home, at least keep the walkways leading to your house clean and lay down a heavy-duty doormat so that the dirt is left outside. This will cut down on the amount of dirt that gets into your house.

Vacuum the Carpets Frequently and Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet on a frequent and regular basis is another great way to extend the life of your carpet. It will help diminish the accumulation of dirt and gravel that are harsh to carpet fibers.

To protect the life of your carpet, vacuum as often as 2-4 times a week especially in high traffic areas. A big part of the soil in carpet is dry and can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. Frequent vacuuming will inhibit the accumulation of dirt and dust into the carpet backing.

Make sure to use a good vacuum with the right settings that will really suck the soil from the carpet to stop them from building up.

Spot Clean Stains As Soon As Possible

You can’t always stop spills from taking place, but if you’re on top of it, immediately clean up anything solid and sop up any excess liquid.

When you don’t act immediately to clean a spill, it can soak into the carpet fibers and padding and cause damages. If the spill is given time to dry and set, they will turn into permanent stains, and worse, if the spill is acidic, it may even start to eat away at the fibers. Act quickly to soak up the spill while you can still prevent it from ruining the life of your carpet.

Treat spills quickly for the best chance of avoiding a stain. Let your family members know that it’s important that they tell you about the spill immediately.

If possible, keep all drinking and snacking in the kitchen to make sure that spills don’t stain your carpet. However, if food and beverages still get their way into your carpet, be sure to clean them up immediately.

Hire a Professional Cleaner Regularly

Most carpet requires professional cleaning every one or two years. This is the same as regularly changing the oil in your car. Maintenance is important to make things last longer; it also applies to the life of your carpets.

Don’t do it yourself; call in the professionals. You should get the services of a reliable carpet cleaning company to service your carpets regularly.

Doing it yourself in order to save money might cost you more in the end and might not even accomplish what you wanted.

Rearrange the Furniture Periodically

A fixed furniture arrangement in your house will wear the life of your carpet in some areas. It will create a trail and there will be a buildup of dirt in the areas where there is frequent traffic. To prevent this from happening, move and rearrange the furniture in your house periodically to shift the wear on the most common walking areas.

It is good to move your furniture from time to time to change the traffic pattern in your house. The area of the carpet where people always tread is worn down faster. Changing the path will create a new traffic course and your whole carpet will last much longer.

Take good care of your carpets and they will last longer than their life expectancy. With the proper maintenance and care, you will be saving more on your carpets overall and you will enjoy the beauty and comfort they bring, much longer. Following these tips can help with the life of your carpet.

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