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Can Progreen Carpet Cleaning Save My Moldy Carpet or Mildewed Carpet?

Mold or mildew in your Durham, NC area home can hide out of view for months or even years. But when you finally find it, it is usually an expensive issue. If it has developed over a lengthy period, you are more likely to need to replace your moldy carpet or mildewed carpet. If found early, carpet cleaning may solve the problem.

Long-term dampness is the primary culprit in causing moldy carpet and mildewed carpet. This dampness can come from a pipe leak or even potty accidents of untrained house pets. Both mold and mildew create distinctive smells, unpleasant musty odors. These growths also discolor your carpet, leaving patches ranging from white, crusty areas to dark green, blue or black spots. The presence of mold and mildew cause a wide range of health problems, from respiratory issues to headaches, dizziness and even depression.

Whatever the cause of your moldy carpet or mildewed carpet, you need the problem resolved quickly. Otherwise, it continues to grow out of control. Each passing day, the growths become more dangerous to your health and well-being. Below are some suggestions for killing the mold and mildew in your carpet.

How to Save Moldy Carpet or Mildewed Carpet

Mold is actually many species of microscopic fungi, whereas mildews are some types of mold fungus. Mildew is a common name for molds that appear flat against a surface, ranging from brown and green to black. In other words, mildew is always a mold. But mold is not necessarily mildew.

So, how can you save moldy carpet or mildewed carpet? The answer lies in how much mold has grown, your carpet type and how much time you are willing to invest in trying to save it. Of course, you can make this work easier for yourself by calling in the professionals of Progreen Carpet in Durham for an assessment. They can treat your carpet for you, using professional carpet cleaning skills, equipment and solutions.

Not all moldy carpet or mildewed carpet is salvageable. But when caught early, Progreen Carpet Cleaning professionals can help save your carpets. Otherwise, try some of the tips, below:

1. Use a Mix of Baking Soda and Vinegar
If you prefer to maintain your household with natural cleaning solutions, a mix of baking soda and white vinegar can kill some types of mold. This solution also resolves tough odors caused by moldy carpet or mildewed carpet.

Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda onto the molded areas of your carpet. Using a spray bottle filled with white vinegar, saturate these areas and the baking soda. Then, use a stiff brush to draw the mold up from the carpet fibers. When finished, use a hair dryer or blower to completely dry the carpet. Finally, vacuum up the leftover debris.

2. Use a Steam Cleaner to Apply Heat
Moldy carpet and mildewed carpet often respond well to heat. This heat kills the fungi. Steam cleaning is the best method for heating and cleaning the carpet fibers at the same time. One key rule is that you must apply the steam heat to each moldy or mildewed area for at least 12 seconds. It is also critical that you immediately dry your carpet when finished with the steam heat, to prevent more fungi growth. You can rent a steam carpet cleaner from your local hardware or home improvement retailer.

3. Apply Anti-Fungal Treatment
Anti-fungal sprays can sometimes help you save your moldy carpet or mildewed carpet. Many of these treatments also apply a mold barrier to prevent future growth on the treated areas.

Saturate your moldy carpet or mildewed carpet with anti-fungal spray that is labeled safe for carpets. Apply the spray six inches beyond the borders of the moldy areas. Then, blot with a dry cloth and allow the carpet to dry. Do not walk on the treated flooring while it is drying because this can spread living mold spores.

4. Use a HEPA Vacuum
Specifically approved for drawing mold spores out of carpets, HEPA vacuums work best after you have used any of the above methods to clear away the infestation. This vacuum sucks up spores you cannot see that survived the treatment. It is a good second step when treating moldy carpet or mildewed carpet to prevent a future recurrence.

You can rent a Hepa vacuum from a local home improvement store. Or, better yet, ask your carpet cleaning professionals to use theirs in conjunction with their other methods of mold and mildew removal. The machine you can rent is not as effective as the equipment used by pros.

5. Hire Progreen Carpet Cleaning
As previously mentioned, the best way to try to save moldy carpet or mildewed carpet is to call in the carpet cleaning pros of Progreen Carpet. The pros have received hours of training and acquired their own hands-on experience in remediating carpet mold problems. They know the best steps to take, which equipment to use and the right solutions for mold or mildew problems like yours. At the same time, they know how to avoid damaging your carpet fibers and the floor beneath.

Schedule Progreen Carpet Cleaning to Save Your Moldy Carpet or Mildewed Carpet

For some home improvement and maintenance needs, it just makes better sense to call in the professionals. Mold and mildew removal is one such task. When mold or mildew grows on your carpets, schedule carpet cleaning service by Progreen in Durham, NC. Call us today at 919-332-3039.

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