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The Ultimate Guide: Removing Paint From Your Carpet

Removing Paint From Your Carpet – If you’re painting your home, it may be next to impossible to keep stray splatters of paint from hitting your carpets. Even hiring professional painters might not be enough to keep those rugs completely free of paint accidents.

Removing Paint From Your Carpet

But hiring ProGreen carpet cleaners doesn’t have to be your first step if you find yourself with a paint situation. Professional carpet cleaners are more than equipped to deal with your stain, and start removing paint from your carpet. However, if you feel confident in your cleaning abilities, try these methods yourself first.

Wet paint is much easier to clean than dry paint — as long as you act as soon as it happens. Remove as much paint as you can without spreading it around. Be sure to not make the situation worse. Dab the spot rather than rubbing it. Then introduce a mixture of detergent and warm water. Blot the paint after each application, and continue until the mark is removed. Remember, rubbing or pressing too hard will only push the paint deeper, so be gentle, patient, and persistent.

How To Remove Dry Paint

Dry paint is often harder to remove. You can use the same basic process as wet paint. However, you may need something like a blunt knife to scrape off dried excess. This should be done very carefully since it can often cause even more damage to your carpet.

If blotting or scraping isn’t working, you may be able to try paint strippers or removals, although hiring professional carpet cleaners is sometimes a safer option for you and your carpets. Commercial strippers often contain powerful chemicals, so be sure to open the windows or turn on a fan before you apply them, and follow instructions to the letter, though most will work with the dampen-and-blot procedure.

Using Chemicals for Removing Paint from your Carpet

Use these chemicals very carefully, since many of them can actually cause damage to your carpets. Test the chemical on a small section first, and consider the material of your carpets. Using high-strength carpet and rug cleaners on wool carpets, for example, is not advisable.

If these methods aren’t working for you, it’s best to contact local carpet cleaners for hire. Professional carpet cleaners are used to dealing with tough stains and will have specialized methods and equipment for removing the stain without damaging your carpet.

Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

Carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months, regardless of whether or not you have stains or splotches, to reduce mold growth, indoor air pollutants and dirt accumulation, so cleaning is well worth the price. Removing paint from your carpet doesn’t need to be a mess. Follow this guide and you should see great results.

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