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Professional Carpet Stretching Gives New Life to Your Room

Professional carpet stretching is one of many home maintenance services available in the Durham area of North Carolina. You will see an obvious difference in appearance once your carpet is stretched and cleaned. Stretching removes wrinkles and lumps in your carpet and lets its beauty reveal itself once again. Brand new carpets fit tightly and look fresh. You can renew your carpet by hiring ProGreen professionals to clean and stretch your carpet.

Carpet stretching for your Durham home is generally recommended to be done after a professional cleaning. It is needed about every three to five years for good results. When a carpet is stretched the fibers are pulled tight and run straight in the weave. Wear patterns, and wrinkles are smoothed out and the floors become easier to maintain. It is much like a facelift for your room.

Carpet Stretching Service in the Triangle Area

Removing wrinkles and making the carpet fit like new eliminates future problems for you, the homeowner. Stretching the carpet makes the wear pattern more even by eliminating wrinkles that trap and hold soil in your rug. Trapped soil and unwanted rolls and lumps can cause permanent damage to the surface of the carpet. Wrinkles in your rug also become tripping hazards that can lead to falls. Loose carpet can cause you to lose your balance when walking resulting in spills and injuries.

You, the homeowner, may ask how a carpet gets the lumps, bulges, and wrinkles that make it look so shabby. The causes of these issues vary with your home and lifestyle. Normal wear and tear is just part of your carpet’s life. Moving furniture on the carpet can pull it loose, or cause the fibers to relax. Playing with rolling toys or even your pet can cause the fibers to relax and need to be tightened.

You want to avoid having your home’s carpet and pad replaced for as many years as possible. Do this by having it professionally stretched. Choose a local company that has good reviews of its work. Hiring a company that is an expert in cleaning and maintaining floors will help give a satisfactory result. Check references and ask any questions that come to mind. Progreen Carpet is an excellent company that offers a wide range of floor care options.

Choosing The Best Professionals for Carpet Stretching

Your professional carpet stretchers will determine what furniture needs to be removed to take care of the loose spots. Once the carpet is cleaned and dried they will do the work required to stretch it back into shape. The general steps are to remove tack strips, clean beneath the carpet, and make any needed repairs to the floor beneath the carpet. Then they will use a power stretcher for large expanses of the rug, and a knee kicker for smaller areas to pull the carpet straight and tight again.

There are some things that your carpet stretching professionals will consider before accepting the task of stretching your rug. You may not be able to have the stretching done if the carpet is very old, has water damage, or other deterioration. Hiring experts can be a valuable investment and help you foresee any potential problems. Some people will try to tell you that carpet stretching is a do-it-yourself job, it really is not.

ProGreen Carpet is a full-service carpet repair and floor maintenance company in the Raleigh-Durham N.C. area. Their community has recognized their outstanding professionalism with many trade awards. They have the expertise and equipment to professionally stretch your carpet. Look to ProGreen for carpet cleaning, stretching, and repair as well as other home and business services.

See this company for cleaning and maintenance inside and out. They use truck-mounted equipment that does hot water extraction/steam carpet cleaning at 230 degrees F. It removes residue from the previous cleaning and uses non-toxic family and pet-friendly cleaning agents. They will clean your tile, and grout, pressure wash your deck and siding, and many other home maintenance tasks. When you do go with ProGreen you have the advantage of having all of your home care needs covered by one company.

Contact Us for Professional Carpet Stretching

If you want to restore the look of your carpet and make sure it’s safe and attractive for years to come, we can help. In addition to Durham, we also provide carpet stretching in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle. Lastly, to schedule service, give us a call at 919-332-3039 or fill out our contact form to get started!

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