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How often do I need professional tile and grout cleaning?

Professional tile and grout cleaning

If there is one lesson we all learned during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it was the importance of keeping our homes and commercial spaces clean. A truly clean home, office or other business space is more welcoming to people and shows you care about your family, guests or stakeholders. To the contrary, a place that looks dirty or dingy can more easily turn people away under these changing standards. This is why the professionals of Progreen Carpet in Durham and Raleigh more frequently hear the question, “How often do I need tile and grout cleaning?”

How dirty do tile and grout get?

When considering whether you need tile and grout cleaning services, it is important to take a good look at your property’s hard surfaces. Between tiles you can see dirt building up or the grout lines becoming dingy. These areas constantly trap dirt, debris and dust over time, particularly from foot traffic. They also harbor germs, allergens, mold and bacteria. When spills or stains are not properly treated, these can also get worse over time.

Tile and grout cleaning is so important because these parts of your flooring, walls and other surfaces do not just become unsightly when not well maintained. They actually host things that can make you sick. These agents of illness and allergy attacks are difficult to mop away on your own. In fact, many people use improper cleaning methods and merely move bacteria and germs around. It is even possible to add to the list of pathogens on your surfaces, if your mop, cleaning solutions or water are not properly used.

Dirty tile and grout can host E. coli, salmonella, and even staph. Harmful bacteria like these build up on hard surfaces over time. Kitchens and bathrooms can prove particularly offensive in these ways. Your bathrooms become steamy whenever hot water is used, providing the perfect environment for mold growth. In the absence of proper ventilation, any room with hard surfaces can quickly grow mold and mildew. To ensure people living, working or visiting these areas stay healthy, it is very important to enlist the professionals of Progreen Carpet for tile and grout cleaning.

How often do I need professional tile and grout cleaning?

There are multiple factors that determine how often you need professional tile and grout cleaning. Many experts recommend twice yearly, yearly or even once very two years. These differing opinions can make the issue more confusing, when all you want is a straight and consistent guideline. But in reality, the answer is unique to your property, floor traffic, routine cleaning methods and even the age of your floors.

The good news is that regular tile and grout cleaning is something you can do yourself. Then, periodically call the pros for deep cleaning. Of course, whenever your tile and grout looks dingy and does not improve with self cleaning methods, you should call in the experts from Progreen, too. We can deep clean it and then seal it for longer lasting beauty.

Always remember that replacing tile and grout is much more expensive than professional cleaning. So it should be a priority to have the pros do the work on a routine basis, to prevent little problems from becoming bigger ones. As soon as the pros’ work is done, everyone in your home, office or other commercial property can breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner looking interior. This is not to mention the relief of knowing all of those microscopic pathogens are gone!

Hire the Pros of Raleigh-Durham Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your routine methods are good enough to clean most surface-level dirt and debris from your tile and grout. But professional deep cleaning is much more powerful. The pros clean beyond the surface to gently wash away deeper debris, bacteria, mold and stains that you cannot reach on your own. This deeper tile and grout cleaning also restores a beautiful shine to your hard surfaces.

Progreen Carpets’ experts use specialized equipment, proven methods and professional-grade supplies not available on the consumer market. Besides professional tile and grout cleaning, we can also clean your carpets and exterior hardscaping, too. For all of your tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing needs in Durham or Raleigh, NC, call Progreen Carpet at 919-332-3039.

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