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What You Need to Know About Carpet Stretching Services

If you have carpeting in any areas of your home, you may require carpet stretching services from our professional carpet installation team. Carpet stretching is a process that involves pulling the carpeting tighter and re-securing it to the tack. Also, anchor strips located along the perimeter of the room in the sub-flooring. Typically, carpeting that is professionally installed will be installed very securely and tightly against these strips. However, there are several reasons why carpet stretching services may be needed even with professional installations.

Why Carpeting Needs to be Stretched

With regular wear and tear in high use areas of the home and even in rooms where carpeting is not heavily trafficked. The carpet can pull away from the tacking strips that anchor it to the sub-floor. In some cases, the seams between strips of the carpeting may also separate. Also, the carpeting may pull away. Sometimes the tacking strips can become damaged. In addition, the carpeting itself may simply become less taut over time as the fibers and other materials stretch. Carpeting that needs to be stretched may impact the overall aesthetic appeal in the room. And minimize safety concerns that loose carpeting may create.

Signs Your Carpet Needs to be Stretched

There are some obvious signs that the carpet needs to be stretched, and there are signs that only a trained professional will be able to determine. For example, you may notice that carpeting appears to be wrinkled, rippled or generally lumpy. Carpet should lay flat and smooth across the floor, and any signs that it is not flat and smooth may indicate the need to have it professionally stretched. You may also notice that carpeting is pulled up at the edges of the room. It should have a tucked-in appearance around the baseboards in the room, and areas that are not tucked in may need to be stretched and repaired. If you call a carpeting professional to your home for assistance, the professional can inspect the carpet to look for signs of damage to the seams that you may not be able to notice.

The Importance of Stretching Carpet Quickly

In some cases, carpeting that shows these signs may need to be stretched. If your carpeting is older in age, professional installation may be recommended. If your carpeting is otherwise in great shape, stretching should be completed as soon as possible. This is because some carpeting issues may pose a safety hazard. Carpet that does not lie flat, for example, may pose a tripping hazard. In addition, carpeting that is not flat may snag or develop other signs of damage. It may also wear unevenly, and this can decrease the life span of your carpet.

The Process of Carpet Stretching Services

Do you believe that your carpet needs to be stretched? The best step is to contact a professional carpet installer for assistance. The professional will help you determine whether stretching is necessary or beneficial. There are various processes associated with stretching carpet. Also, the installer will determine which methods are needed to correct the issues with your carpeting. For example, re-seaming carpeting may be all that is required in some cases. Carpeting that is loose may require new tacking strips to be installed. Also, a knee kicker or power kicker may be used to pull and stretch the carpet into place on the new tacking strips. In many cases, the process of stretching carpet may result in the need to trim away some of the excess carpets in the room before the work can be completed.

Why You Need to Work With Professionals for Carpet Stretching Services

Carpet stretching services may seem like a simple and easy project to tackle on your own, but it actually requires a considerable amount of strength and energy. It also requires you to have the right tools for the job. You may need to rent or purchase many of these tools because they are not household items that you may already have. Furthermore, you need to have the work completed quickly and with superior results. Also, a professional can typically complete the work you need to be done within a single day.

Carpet stretching services may not be something that you think about all of the time as a homeowner, but it is important that you pay attention to the signs that stretching may be required in your home. Carpet stretching services offers several important benefits to you, including extending the life of your carpet and minimizing risk for those who walk across it. Do you believe that your home’s carpet may need to be stretched? The best step to take is to contact Pro Green Carpet for an in-home consultation. Call Us Today for a free estimate on our carpet stretching services.

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