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Liability Issues associated Dirty Carpets

Do you have a difficult time keeping dirty carpets clean in either your business or home? Or other places you might own or be responsible for where people might congregate? Then chances are you are aware that appearance is everything when it comes to your carpets. You know that you have to put up your best appearance to the public. However, there are other issues that can result from dirty carpets that you might not be aware of. One word: liability. Simply put, if someone got hurt or injured because of the condition of your property (and that includes dirty carpets) then chances are you might be opening yourself up to a lawsuit. Here is how dirty carpet can open you up to liability concerns:

Bacteria Living in the Carpets

First of all, if you don’t have your carpet cleaned regularly, one of the main consequences would be that bacteria could start living in your carpet, exposing residents and guests of your facility to potentially harmful toxins. Bacteria can cause your immune system to have to overcompensate for the potential damages. This makes you more susceptible to disease and illness. For elderly individuals, this might even mean a hospital stay or even worse. One example of this would be those who have asthma. There is a certain microbe in dirty carpets called mycotoxins that can make an individual’s asthma much worse. However, if you keep your carpets clean situations like this are much likely to happen.

Pet Urine = Dirty Carpet

If you have an animal in your home then there is the potential for pet urine to be in your carpets. However, this could potentially occur in businesses that are pet-friendly as well. What is the biggest problem with pet urine? Well, pet urine, particularly from cats, will usually give off ammonia. The problem with ammonia is that it can lead to a number of health concerns in humans. These would include such things as increased symptoms in COPD, extra problems with asthma, increased issues with those suffering from emphysema, and even increased allergies in those who are normally healthy.

The Extra Expense of Having to Repair a Rotting Subfloor

Chances are, your carpet padding is located right on top of your subfloor. Over the years, dirt, pet urine, stains, and other pollutants can not only cause the carpet to rot, but they can also have an extremely negative effect on the floor beneath. Besides the fact that a subfloor in poor condition can lead to falling accidents, it also can be a cause for concern if you sell the business or house and are blissfully unaware of how poor your subfloor actually is. Naturally, the new owner of the building is not going to be too happy with you if you have neglected this area.

Of course, these are just a few of the areas where having a dirty carpet can lead you to trouble. However, there is a solution. If you contract with our carpet cleaning company to have periodic cleanings, you can keep your home or business as clean as the day it was constructed! Give us a call today and we will be happy to give you a quote for your facility! To Learn More about best practices in cleaning Dirty Carpet, call us! or submit a Free Estimate!

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