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How Clean is Your Carpet?

How Clean is Your Carpet?

Are you thinking about skipping carpet cleaning this year, well think again? Your carpet can hold up to four times its weight in dirt. Carpets catch all sorts of dust and debris. They become embedded with insect feces, bacteria, mold, skin cells, and even pet urine. In fact, dirty carpets can cause a lot of health problems for those with weak immune systems.
Vacuuming Is Important-But Doesn’t Rid Allergens. While you need to vacuum at least two times per week, it is also important to clean your carpets regularly. Vacuuming only gets the surface dirt. It does not have the power to get down deep into the carpet and clean each fiber. Have you ever noticed that your vacuum blows out air as it is cleaning? Do you honestly think that the air is clean? It is blowing out fragments of the stuff it just collected from your carpet. There is no vacuum cleaner that can get the carpets 100 percent clean.

Children and Pets Require Frequent Carpet Cleaning

If you have pets or children in your house, it is even more important to ensure your carpets are cleaned regularly. They both love to roll around on the floor. They carry germs in from the outside and they disperse into your carpets. Insects, like fleas, are just one type of pest that can hide in your pet’s coat for a ride inside. These pests love to find a warm spot to multiply. Fleas can invest your carpet and make it a hostile place for you to walk. Carpet cleaning will remove the living fleas and their eggs.

Store-Bought Cleaners Don’t Clean The Same

Many people opt for store-bought cleaners. Store-bought carpet cleaners can remove some of the grime; they do not have the muscle and suction of professional carpet cleaning systems. You want to make sure all the allergens are removed from the carpet fibers, not just the dirt. The allergens will cause you more problems than dirt. The dirt just makes the carpets look dingy.
It can actually be counterproductive to use store machines. While they will remove some of the dirt, they leave behind so much that you cannot see. The water mixed with dirt becomes a muddy paste deep into the backing of your carpet. Save yourself the trouble and have your carpets cleaned right. Our machinery has the power to get all the dirt from your carpet. When we say clean, we mean it!

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