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Why Winter is the Perfect Time for House Cleaning

House Cleaning – When the temperatures dip lower than usual and the kids are off for winter break. Taking care of major cleaning tasks might be the last item on your mind. After all, you have cookies to bake and quick vacations to plan. However, recognize the value of getting your carpets professionally cleaned now.

Post-Holiday Clean-Up

Chances are if you hosted the holidays at your house this year, someone spilled a little drop of wine or your great aunt’s dog left some reminders of his presence behind. After a season of hosting events, you didn’t quite feel like spending any more money. Also, doing any more work around the house seems too much to tackle. However, now that you’ve had the time to rest, consider a professional carpet cleaning. By the time the first barbecue of the summer comes into fruition, your carpets will be sparkling. And you’ll have returned to being that simply dazzling host.

Eliminate Bugs Now

During the colder months, pesky bugs in the house might not bother you as much. You may figure that they have all died. Also, while that may be true to some extent, they could just be lying dormant in the carpet. Ready to appear at the first sign of spring. Bugs can pose serious problems. Bed bugs are nasty little critters, and they can certainly live in the carpet. Also, fleas may jump into the carpets so that they can cling onto your pets, and then, the health of your fur children is compromised. Even though you might not realize the bugs exist, now is the time to take care of them, with house cleaning.

Extra Money

You might be someone who worries about getting a professional carpet cleaning done because you simply don’t know if you can afford to do so. This time of the year is one when people tend to have a little bit of extra money. You aren’t spending tons of funds to purchase Christmas gifts, nor are you going on an extravagant summer vacation. When you check into the affordable prices available and consider that on top of your current lack-of-spending, you’ll see that now is a great time.

Preparing Homes for Showing with House Cleaning

While people do buy and sell real estate throughout the year, spring is a very popular time for homes to go on the market. In fact, you might be considering the idea of putting your own home up for sale this spring. Are your carpets are stained or filled with bugs? You can rest assured that you’re going to have a more difficult time selling the home than you would if they were in the best condition possible. Now is the time to prepare for that profitable sale you want to make in the next few months.

Green House Cleaning Procedures

Some individuals worry about getting their carpets cleaned during the winter because of the chemicals involved. You’ll be happy to know that green cleaning services are offered so that you can do what is right for your home and the environment. Instead of worrying that you’ll have to vacate the house for some time, you can come right back in. Of course, you absolutely must listen to all cautions, keep children and pets away from certain areas and find out exactly what is used in the products. The sensitivity to products can vary from individual to individual.

Off from Work

Depending upon the job you have, you may have some substantial time off from work during the winter months. For example, if you are a teacher, then you may very well have a week off for winter break. Therefore, as long as you aren’t going on vacation for the entire time, you have the opportunity to make the arrangements for the carpet cleaning and house cleaning. When it is warmer out and you are off from work, you probably have an array of activities or vacations planned that take you out of the house.

Other Repair Services

If you do fall into the group of people who have time off from work or have a little bit of extra money in the bank at this time of the year, you might want to take this process beyond the carpet cleaning. Other services are available too. For example, you could have a floor squeak repair, tile cleaning and carpet stretching procedures done too. Then, not only will your carpet be ready for the spring, but the rest of the flooring in your home will be as well. Look into different packages to see how much you can have done in a certain amount of time and what makes the most sense for you.

When the snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping, turn your mind to some things around the house that need to be done, and you’ll likely see that a professional carpet cleaning is one of them.

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