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Shampoo Your Home’s Carpet Before the Holiday Season

Get Your Home’s Carpets Shampooed

Autumn is a great time to clean your home or hire professionals before the holiday season arrives. After your children are back in school, it is easier to have our ProGreen Carpet technicians working inside your home. As they shampoo carpets, sanitize tile surfaces, and perform other eco-friendly cleaning tasks. Do you have concerns about injuring your back while moving heavy furniture in order to shampoo a home’s carpets or wash its floors? Then a professional carpet cleaning company is a perfect choice. This is because we will send technicians to perform strenuous tasks.

Examine Your Carpets to See How Dirty the Fibers Are

Do you think that your home’s carpets are already clean? Then you might find it interesting at how much dirt is stuck in the fibers. To see how your carpets really look, open the draperies in each room and turn on the bright lights to complete an examination. Look at the high-traffic areas in hallways. Or near entrances to see if a wall-to-wall carpet’s fibers look matted and dark. Get on your hands and knees to touch the carpet to determine if it is stiff or sticky. Also, if it is, then there is debris deep inside the fibers. Notice the smell inside your home when the doors and windows are close for several hours. This will determine if your home’s carpeting smells like pet urine, cigarette smoke, or food odors, which you can eliminate from getting your carpets shampooed.

Choose Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning from ProGreen Carpet

When you are full of worry about having man-made chemicals mixed into the surfaces inside your home, calling ProGreen Carpet in Durham, N.C., is an excellent plan. We believe in using eco-friendly cleaning methods to avoid leaving toxic residue on carpet fibers, upholstery furniture, or tile floors. By using mild cleansers made from natural substances such as essential oils, we can remove debris from wall-to-wall carpets, ceramic tile floors, and upholstery furniture without leaving any sticky or dry residue on surfaces. After our technicians leave from getting your home’s carpets shampooed, your children and pets can walk and play on the clean surfaces safely.

We Can Pretreat Difficult Stains Before Sanitizing Carpets

One of the best ways to have your home’s carpets clean is with dry carpet cleaning methods. With dry carpet-cleaning processes, our technicians use as little water as possible. Along with strong natural cleansers that will lift debris from dirty fibers. If your home’s wall-to-wall carpets have filthy areas from foot traffic or disgusting stains from pet accidents, then our knowledgeable technicians can analyze the debris before pretreating it with stain-removal cleansers. By applying dry compounds or using encapsulation cleaning methods, your home’s carpets are never saturated with moisture, and you can begin to walk on the surfaces right away.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms by Having Carpet’s Cleaned

If you or your family members suffer from allergies, then keeping a home’s carpet fibers and upholstered furniture clean is imperative. Pollen, household dust, and pet dander can seep deep into your home’s furniture and carpet fibers, creating a surface that causes allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sinus headaches, or watery eyes. While you might vacuum your home’s floors frequently with a high-quality vacuum cleaner, there is still debris on the carpet’s fibers. The technicians from ProGreen Carpet can suction all of the debris from a home’s carpets, helping to prevent annoying allergy symptoms.

Getting Your Home’s Carpets Shampooed will Eliminate the Pathogens From Your Fibers

When you think about the substances that you walk on each day, you must realize that this debris remains on your shoes and is track onto your home’s wall-to-wall carpets. To eliminate the bacteria and viruses from pet waste or street grime, we recommend having us steam clean your home’s carpets. With hot water extraction methods, our technicians can destroy pathogens that lead to serious illnesses. This type of cleaning will also eliminate mold growth and insects such as dust mites. Having your home’s carpets shampooed and sanitized by our team of experts can improve your overall well-being.

Ask Us to Perform Other Cleaning Services Besides Having Your Carpets Shampooed

While our technicians are getting your carpets shampooed, we recommend having other services performed, including:

Make a list of all of the items in your home that require efficient cleaning or repair.  Perhaps your home or rental unit requires it’s floors, tile surfaces and carpets repaired or cleaned. Then contact ProGreen Carpet Cleaning and schedule an appointment, or for more information about getting your carpets shampooed.

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