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Ways to Make Your New Carpet Last Longer – Call a Professional & Experienced Carpet Cleaner

Having new carpet makes your home or office look fresh, clean and well-maintained. To the contrary, dirty or heavily worn carpeting can ruin the ambiance of your spaces. Dusty, dirty and stained carpets are more than just eyesores. They can also cause a bad odor, hinder breathing, trigger allergies or asthma and cause other health problems. This makes regular carpet maintenance with a professional, experienced carpet cleaner is very important. 

To extend the lifetime of your carpet, consider the tips below.

Treat Stains as They Happen

Always treat stains when they occur. Letting them sit for awhile actually enables the staining agents to work more deeply into carpet fibers. This makes saving your new carpet from an ugly spot or discoloration much more difficult, even for an experienced carpet cleaner. 

Instead of rubbing detergent onto the stain, blot the area using a clean cloth and recommend cleaning agents or liquids. You can find which materials work best for particular stains by searching the web. For example, white wine and water can help remove red wine from your carpet. For large stains or those easily visible, consider calling your professional and experienced carpet cleaner company for assistance.

Treat Stains Using a Clean, Neutrally-Colored Cloth

Using paper towels on a stain can create a bigger mess as these towels roll and shread, leaving fragments throughout the carpet pile. Use a clean, neutrally-colored cloth instead. If you use a colored cloth or towel, you risk transfer of dyes into your carpet on top of the other stain. Try to dab the carpet as dry as possible after spills.

Avoid Using Cheap Cleaning Products or Call an Experienced Carpet Cleaner

You have many options at your local grocery store, when it comes to carpet cleaning products. But cheap products can actually create bigger problems for your new carpet. Other household products make a better choice when cleaning stains or spills. For example, try using nail polish remover to extract a nail polish spill. You can treat ink stains using alcohol-based hairspray

Through a simple web search, you can find options for treating any stain. Of course, you can also turn to your trusted and experienced carpet cleaner company for help before that spill permanently damages your floors. 

Vacuum Your New Carpet Regularly

New carpet looks new for longer when you properly vacuum on a regular basis. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, one that removes deeply penetrating dirt and dust. When vacuum, do so in both directions at a slow pace to allow the suction to fully clean each area. Also remember to dust all of the other surfaces of your room before cleaning the carpet.

Repair Problems Right Away

Whether you experience stains, tears, pulled fibers or lumpy carpets, get these problems fixed right away. Your professional carpet cleaning company knows how to best remove stains, repair damage and stretch carpeting to maintain that new carpet look for much longer. When you notice any of these problems, time is of the essence. The longer you let them sit, the more damage occurs and the greater your chances of needing to replace your carpeting.

Call a Professional, Experienced Carpet Cleaner Company

Professional and experienced carpet cleaner companies know how to help you maintain the look, feel and cleanliness of your carpeting. Proper maintenance is certainly a better investment, than having to replace this flooring early. You should never hesitate to call upon the pros when you experience stains, tears, odors, buckling or other problems with your carpeting.

In the Raleigh, Durham and the rest of the Triangle Area, Progreen Carpet has provided carpet cleaning services for many years. We work hard to keep our customers happy and save them money by providing a full array of indoor and outdoor services, including:

Call Progreen Carpet at 919-332-3039 today to learn more about our professional and experienced carpet cleaner services and how we can help you maintain your new carpet. We look forward to making you part of our satsified customer family!

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