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Burlington Carpet Cleaner: Get Your Carpets Ready For The Holiday Season

Burlington Carpet Cleaner – It’s hard to believe, but the end of the year is upon us. That means that the holiday season will soon be in full swing. There is no better moment to spend time with family and friends. However, before having a house full of guests, you might want to consider calling a Burlington carpet cleaner in Durham to get your carpeting showroom perfect!

You should certainly consider getting your carpets cleaned to prep for the holiday season. Also it’s a good time to address any carpet repairs it may need. Things to look for that will indicate you need carpet repair include holes or loose carpet fibers. If you notice bumps or ridges in your flooring, this is an easy fix through carpet stretching. It simply indicates that your carpet has pulled away from the tack strips.

Having these tasks done will ensure that your carpet looks amazing. To impress your holiday guests when they enter your home. And also will make your house safer. Holes and waves in your carpets can be serious trip hazards. Make sure your guests stay on their feet by getting your carpet repaired.

After you have spent the time and money to have a Burlington carpet cleaner come into your home, there are some things you can do to keep your carpets looking good through the holidays. Below are some tips to accomplish this task.

Ask Your Burlington Carpet Cleaner About Adding A Stain Repellant

With so many people in your house enjoying good food and beverages, accidents are bound to happen. To ensure this doesn’t completely ruin your carpeting, you’ll want to consider adding a stain repellant. This will help liquid and other substances stay on the surface of the fibers for longer than usual, giving you time to clean up the mess before the stain sets in.

Get a Spot Cleaner

In addition to adding a stain repellant to your carpet, you might also want to ask the Burlington carpet cleaner if they have a spot cleaner that they recommend. This will ensure that all messes are cleaned up quickly and easily and your carpets continue to look amazing.

By asking the professional for a spot cleaner, this will also ensure that it is safe and effective on your carpets. Since they have already been in your home to clean them, they’ll know what will work best.

Get a Tray for Shoes

Wet shoes can wreak havoc on your carpet. They can also bring in more than just moisture. They can track in dirt and other chemicals from the outside. To ensure that these elements don’t have an impact on your floors, add a tray near the door for people to place their shoes. This will catch any water before it causes damage and be easy to clean.

You might also want to consider adding mats both inside and outside the door. This way, people can wipe their feet before and after they enter, just to make sure they are getting the vast majority of elements off their shoes. You probably won’t expect your guests to walk around your house barefoot. However, if this is something you want to consider it’s your house, go for it! It’s another way to ensure that your carpets continue to look fantastic over the holidays.

Forgo Lighting Candles

Many people enjoy burning candles this time of year, whether they are scented or not. They can add an ambience and warmth to your home. However, to reduce the chances of candles getting knocked onto the floor and burns and wax damaging your carpet, you might consider not lighting any. Not only does this cause a huge mess, but it’s also a fire hazard.

Instead, you might opt for electronic candles that look almost like the real thing and air fresheners that plug into the wall. Both of these can add that special something to your home, but they will be less damaging if they get knocked over. Should you decide to have real candles and they fell onto your carpet, be assured that having carpet repair may be able to get your floor looking like new once again.

Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning With ProGreen Carpet 

While getting your carpet cleaned for the holidays will ensure that they look beautiful for guests, you also deserve to have clean and great-looking carpets year-round. Once all the guests have gone home, set up a regular cleaning schedule with Burlington carpet cleaners. Not only will this keep your carpet looking outstanding, but it will also increase the life of your flooring.

If you’re ready to get your carpets ready for guests, then contact ProGreen Carpet at today. They’ll be able to get it clean and make any repairs necessary so that it looks good for the holiday season, with the Burlington carpet cleaner.

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